Brewers Lane

Location: Badsey

Development: Replacement Dwelling

Status: Approved

Planning permission has been granted for a replacement dwelling in Badsey. Following securing permission for extensions and alterations to 25 Brewers Lane structural issues became apparent in the early stages of construction resulting in works having to stop. Brodie Planning establish a pragmatic approach to resolve the situation by applying for a replacement dwelling. This approach allowed and provided the opportunity to incorporate and improve sustainable energy solutions though the build, thereby reducing its carbon emissions and contributing towards the aim of a low carbon future.


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Location: Elkstone Studios, Elkstone

Case Type: Change of use of a disused agricultural workers dwelling to farm shop and cafe

Council: Cotswold District Council

Status: Approved

BPA has secured planning permission from Cotswold District Council for the change of use of a former grain store to flexible commercial use.

The development is located within the Elkstone Studios enterprise and comprises the final barn to secure permission on site. The development will benefit from the existing conversions of a mixture of commercial and leisure uses providing a small rural hub for both occupiers of the offices and the local community.

Building upon other successful permissions secured at this site, this development comprises an employment-generating use in association with an existing business, and relates to the diversification of a wider agricultural enterprise.  It has been a real pleasure to assist in the diversification of this site and we can't wait to see it complete and occupied!