Winchcombe Methodist Church

We are delighted to announce that on the 24th November, we received planning permission from Tewkesbury Borough Council for the conversion of Winchcombe Methodist Church to a community performing arts centre.

Winchcombe Arts and Community Hub (WACH), in association with WAM Youth, Winchcombe’s ‘We All Matter’ youth group, sought to convert the Methodist Church and to transform it into a versatile, dynamic hub that fosters creativity, inclusivity, and community spirit. At Brodie Planning, we were delighted to to join in on this ambitious project.

WACH envision a space that facilitates:


Creativity & Inspiration –

We aim to offer an inviting arts space that encourages creative exploration and learning. This will be a venue where individuals can both gain inspiration and entertain others, nurturing a vibrant arts culture within Winchcombe.


Youth Empowerment –

Recognising the importance of investing in our future, WACH will provide a safe and welcoming indoor space for our local youth. Through a variety of activities, we strive to support them in achieving their full potential and becoming active contributors to our community.


Community Engagement –

As a central hub for Winchcombe, our goal is to host a range of community-led events and activities. This space will be a melting pot of ideas, collaborations, and shared experiences, reinforcing our community bonds.

Join WACH and Brodie Planning on this exciting journey as as the Church is re-envisioned and re-purposed into a thriving hub for the arts and community in Winchcombe.


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