Billesley Farm – Independant Dwelling

Green Belt permission for new independent dwelling granted in Bromsgrove!

Case Type: Full Planning Application
LPA: Bromsgrove District Council
Case Reference:
Status: Approved

The property included an outbuilding which was erected without planning permission. From the initial construction of the outbuilding it followed a complicated and rocky planning path, which included an Enforcement Notice and a subsequent Enforcement Appeal.

The Inspector allowed the Enforcement Appeal for the outbuilding, but only subject to a legal agreement which required the outbuilding to be occupied as ancillary accommodation to the main property. The reason for the legal agreement being the site’s location in the green belt and open countryside, typically where new dwellings are not supported.

In reviewing the complicated site history Brodie Planning Associates suggested a planning strategy to the client. We subsequently submitted a planning application for the outbuilding to be occupied as a separate new dwelling with its own garden area, access and parking.

We are delighted to have now secured permission for the client, and to have helped provide a smoother path to the delivery of a positive determination by the LPA.

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