Billesley Farm – Independant Dwelling

Green Belt permission for new independent dwelling granted in Bromsgrove!

Case Type: Full Planning Application
LPA: Bromsgrove District Council
Case Reference:
Status: Approved

The property included an outbuilding which was erected without planning permission. From the initial construction of the outbuilding it followed a complicated and rocky planning path, which included an Enforcement Notice and a subsequent Enforcement Appeal.

The Inspector allowed the Enforcement Appeal for the outbuilding, but only subject to a legal agreement which required the outbuilding to be occupied as ancillary accommodation to the main property. The reason for the legal agreement being the site’s location in the green belt and open countryside, typically where new dwellings are not supported.

In reviewing the complicated site history Brodie Planning Associates suggested a planning strategy to the client. We subsequently submitted a planning application for the outbuilding to be occupied as a separate new dwelling with its own garden area, access and parking.

We are delighted to have now secured permission for the client, and to have helped provide a smoother path to the delivery of a positive determination by the LPA.

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Leckhampton Car Port

Planning Permission Secured!

This week we are delighted to announce the approval of a contemporary detached carport in Leckhampton on a site recently released from the Greenbelt following the adoption of the Tewkesbury Local Plan.

Designed for both practicality and aesthetics. The carport features open sides for effortless access to vehicles and is complemented by an enclosed area for secure storage of bicycles, bins, and various other outdoor equipment.

What truly sets this project apart is the striking design that seamlessly integrates with both the host dwelling and its surroundings. The design is a contemporary approach with vertical timber cladding and a natural Cotswold stone plinth.

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Replacement Dwelling – 25 Brewers Lane, Badsey

Replacement Dwelling Approved

Planning permission has been granted for a replacement dwelling in Badsey.

Following securing permission for extensions and alterations to 25 Brewers Lane structural issues became apparent in the early stages of construction resulting in works having to stop. Brodie Planning establish a pragmatic approach to resolve the situation by applying for a replacement dwelling.

This approach allowed and provided the opportunity to incorporate and improve sustainable energy solutions though the build, thereby reducing its carbon emissions and contributing towards the aim of a low carbon future.

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Elkstone Studios - Flexible Commercial Space

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Barn Conversion – Land South of Meadow View

Barn Conversion  Ι  Land South of Meadow View

Location: Land South of Meadow View, Stow Road

Authority: Cotswold District Council

Application Type: Change of Use

Status: Approved

We are delighted to have secured planning permission for the conversion of a rural building to provide a new dwelling on a complicated and constrained site within the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The application followed a smooth path to determination with permission being achieved for the barn conversion in the first submission, with no revised or additional information required by the LPA.

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Seventrees, Plymouth – 10 Bed HMO

Seventrees Clinic

Conversion of former healthcare clinic and single storey extension to 10no. supported living units.

Brodie Planning are pleased to announce that planning permission has been secured for the conversion of Seventrees Clinic in Plymouth to 10 supported living units.

The aim of the submission was to secure residential accommodation for a specific end-user group; people with learning difficulties and / or on the autism spectrum who require supported living accommodation.

Working in partnership with Pivotal Homes, Brodie Planning successfully justified the need for such accommodation in the area and demonstrated that the proposals were fully compliant with relevant policy.

This project was undertaken in association with Pivotal Homes Group, the client facing housing provider for supported living accommodation throughout the UK.

Pivotal provide quality housing and support services to almost 500 single vulnerable people with a variety of needs in Dorset, Devon, Cornwall and Gloucester.

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