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Neighbourhood Development Plans
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Neighbourhood Development Plans

Through the 2011 Localism Act, local communities have been increasingly encouraged by Government to become involved in delivering a shared vision for their area, and to shape and influence development and growth that will meet the specific needs of their community. Neighbourhood Development Plans can be made which introduce planning policy for the community and these form part of the wider Development Plan used in the consideration and determination of planning applications.

Brodie Planning Associates has worked closely with several communities to help produce their Neighbourhood Development Plans. Our planning consultants support and advise Parish Councils and appointed Steering Groups throughout the process; from the initial consultation phase through to the final Plan itself.

Brodie Planning Associates can assist in the development of an initial questionnaire for the local community to find out their specific needs and priorities. Following this information-gathering exercise, we then support the Steering Groups in analysing the results, identifying main trends and areas that require further research. If necessary, we will undertake that research and feedback the results and recommendations. Brodie Planning Associates support the Groups in the production of background papers and supporting documentation, providing frameworks for assessments and exploring and advising on policy options that will address the specific identified needs of the local community. As part of the team, our planning consultants help set up and attend consultation launch events with the local community, offering our expert knowledge in this field and listening to all stakeholders. Working closely with the Steering Groups, Brodie Planning Associates can help with the preparation in all areas of the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

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Assisting Communities

Brodie Planning Associates is happy to assist communities looking to develop their own Neighbourhood Development Plan and we can tailor our involvement according to the requirements of the Steering Group. We can guide you through the whole process or simply help on a project-by-project basis. 

If the preparation of a Neighbourhood Development Plan isn’t for your community for whatever reason, please ask us about ‘Place Plans’ which can address local community scale issues, such as helping to protect the identity of a particular area.


















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