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Professional Planning Consultants

Brodie Planning Associates (BPA) is a team of professional planning consultants based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. We provide high quality, tailor-made, expert planning advice on residential, commercial, rural and urban developments throughout the UK. The majority of the work we undertake is located in the Cotswolds, Cheltenham and wider Gloucestershire/ Worcestershire/Herefordshire/Warwickshire area. However, we have also completed projects further afield in London, Brighton, Liverpool, Cardiff, Bournemouth, Plymouth and Newquay.

BPA offers a range of planning services from site appraisals, planning applications and planning appeals, to the formulation of Neighbourhood Development Plans. Whether you are a landowner, householder, developer, private company or public body, we will ensure that bespoke, professional and honest advice is provided to meet your development and design requirements.

Our Services include:

  • Planning appraisals
  • Planning applications including Listed Building and Householder applications
  • Planning appeals – written representations, informal hearings, public inquiries
  • Expert witness in planning appeals
  • Certificates of Lawful Existing or Proposed Development/Uses
  • Rural planning – including barn conversions, Class Q development, agricultural and equestrian uses
  • Site promotion through Development Plans
  • Planning Policy advice
  • Neighbourhood Development Plan and Place Plan preparation
  • Preparation of Supporting documents including Planning Statements, Design and Access Statements, Heritage Statements, Parking Surveys

Whether your site involves brownfield land, agricultural issues, lies within a Conservation Area or is a listed building, Brodie Planning have the expertise to provide advice.

Planning Site Appraisals and Development Briefs

Knowing what is the best fit for your site, the opportunities available to you and the challenges that lie ahead is an important piece of the planning jigsaw. Pre-application planning appraisals are fundamental stepping stones in the success of any planning application. 

Whether it is for a house extension, a single site or a portfolio of multiple sites, experienced planning and development consultants, Brodie Planning Associates will provide practical and reliable advice on the development potential of your site.   

Any site assessment will involve a review of the site’s planning history, confirmation of any existing lawful uses, and a clear understanding of the Development Plan policies that may influence or affect potential development. Where necessary, site and building surveys can also be undertaken by Brodie Planning, to further inform the development potential.

Planning opportunities will be identified and evaluated in light of current national and local planning policy, along with key issues that need to be addressed in any subsequent planning submission. Any potential planning obligations would be highlighted, along with the need for any additional expert reports, such as arboricultural, ecology, landscape, historic or conservation, or Traffic Impact Assessments.

This process will culminate in the production of a planning appraisal report, clearly setting out the practicality and viability of development proposals. For larger sites or multi-site feasibility appraisals, development briefs can also be prepared, which establish development principles and an urban design framework as well as providing a commercial assessment of the site. Both documents would also propose a strategy for tackling the development of the site and the submission of the planning application. 

Potential schemes can then be drafted and appraised in the context of the planning site appraisal or development brief. BPA can offer architectural design services to assist you in evolving an appropriate development to fulfill the potential of your site or work with your architect of choice.

Planning Applications

Confused or frustrated by the planning process?  Cheltenham-based planning consultants, Brodie Planning Associates can guide you through the maze that planning sometimes appears to be in order to get results.  From pre-application stage, to negotiations with the planners, through to post-application work, BPA will provide you with clear, professional advice and invaluable help.

Brodie Planning are experienced in submitting all forms of application including full or outline planning applications, householder planning applications, listed building consent applications, certificates of lawfulness for existing or proposed uses (CLEUDs/CLOPUDs), and prior approval notices for demolition or agricultural development, and applications to vary conditions. 

Our planning consultancy works across a number of project areas including urban redevelopment, residential, commercial, retail, education, and rural planning. From smaller scale household extensions, to barn conversions, to major redevelopment schemes – every scheme has its own unique planning requirements and BPA will manage the whole to ensure that a comprehensive and robust submission is made on your behalf, promoting your development at its best.

Brodie Planning will prepare and produce a compelling supporting case for every application, often following on from our thorough pre-application site appraisal or development brief. Development proposals will be evaluated in the context of any previous site history, site constraints and planning policy at national level and in the Development Plan. Production of supporting reports including Design and Access Statements, Planning Statements, Townscape Assessments and Statements of Community Involvement, along with the coordination of other experts and participation in public consultation exercises, all form part of our role to ensure that your planning application has as smooth a path as possible through the planning process.

Throughout the process, BPA will monitor the progress of your planning submission and will liaise with and present to any stakeholders, including Town/Parish Councils, neighbourhood groups, local Councillors and Planning Committees. There are occasions when negotiations with the local authority will be necessary and our planning consultants’ in-depth knowledge of planning policy, appeal decisions and the planning system enables us to carry out targeted negotiations aimed at securing a satisfactory outcome.

Planning Appeals

Sometimes even the best-prepared planning application can be refused planning permission by the local authority or not even be determined within the required timescale. 

On these occasions, Brodie Planning would carefully review the decision of the local authority, analyse and assess the reasons for refusal and then advise you on the best way forward – whether that is as a resubmission of a revised scheme or challenging the local authority’s decision through the planning appeal process.

On your behalf, we will make the initial appeal submission including clear grounds of appeal, produce necessary detailed statements, coordinate and manage other representations by expert consultants, give evidence as expert witnesses and issue instruction to Counsel where appropriate.

Planning appeals can take one of three forms depending upon the complexity of the case and the level of objection:  written representations, informal hearings, and public inquiries.  Whichever appeal path you choose, Brodie Planning will be by your side every step of the way, advising, guiding and supporting you.

Land Promotion

A more strategic but longer term method of establishing development potential or securing planning permission for your land is through the Local Plan/Development Plan process, when Plans are reviewed and replaced. This process of review provides an opportunity for landowners to promote land as appropriate development sites within the Local Plan area, and influence policies in the new Local Plan to support the development potential of those sites. The ultimate goal is to have your land identified in the adopted Local Plan/Development Plan as an allocated development site.   

Such promotion can work on all types of site including agricultural land, previously developed land and greenfield sites. This may sound straightforward, but the process of land/site promotion can be a long and complex one. Therefore, it is important to promote your site in the right way at the right time. BPA has the expert knowledge in strategic planning policy and the Development Plan process to be able to advise you through this complicated process.

Brodie Planning would research and gather information on the challenges facing the local authority; for example the level of housing need and the lack of adequate housing land supply to meet that need. We would then demonstrate how your site would meet that need and be able to contribute towards it. 

Our consultants would ensure that appropriate representations are made during the Plan process, including providing all necessary supporting material for your site. This may involve specialist evidence, including reports on Housing Quality Indicator Assessments, Traffic Impact Assessments, Ecology Reports, Heritage and Employment Statements. Masterplans may even be recommended to be drawn up showing how the land could potentially be developed. As well as promoting your site, we would produce robust objections to other sites competing for a similar land allocation and demonstrate how your site provides the best and only solution.  We will endeavour to show that your site stands head and shoulders above the rest.



















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