Mezzanine Pod Ancillary Building in Cheltenham

Mezzanine Pod Ancillary Building in Cheltenham

BPA has secured planning permission for the stationing of a “Mezzanine Pod” as an ancillary outbuilding in Cheltenham. 

This application involved the demolition of the existing garage to allow for the stationing of a Mezzanine Pod as an ancillary outbuilding. The purpose of this development was to create a safe independent space for a teenager with ADHD, as a place they can escape to and call their own.

Due to the quirky design of the pod, we undertook pre-application discussions with Cheltenham Borough Council which concluded positively and allowed for the progression to a householder application. The Mezzanine Pod itself is designed by a local company called My Shire Houses, which build a range of bespoke structures, priding themselves on using all-natural materials and keeping hand craftsmanship alive. More details of their work and other pods available can be found at

Through our strong planning submission and positive engagement with the case officer, the application was approved under delegated authority.